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Friday, March 11, 2011

Odd Future

LA's hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or just odd future shortly) are getting bigger and bigger every day.
 The mastermind behind the group is Tyler, the Creator who recently landed a deal with XL Recordings to release his second album called "Goblin. His first album "Bastard" is available freely on the group's official tumblr. Other important people inside the collective are Earl Sweatshirt(Tyler's brother), Domo Genesis and the group Mellowhype. They all have free albums out on their website, which you should check out.

Why they will get big:
These guys are the next big thing in hip hop because they sound like a much needed fresh wind in the more or less stagnating rap genre. They are young, produce their own music, covers and videos and put no restrictions on their lyrics which sometimes leads them to glorifying rape and serial killers. But after all it's clear that not everything needs to be taking seriously so even with this this, the guys will be in the charts sooner or later.
Right now you need to know about Tyler's video for "Yonkers":
(But don't forget to check out his first album "Bastard").
And Earl Sweatshirt's "Earl" video:
Earl is only seventeen and currently away(boarding school or similar). But my guess is that after Tyler, he will be the next one from the Wolf Gang going really big.

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