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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tyler, the Creator's Goblin Official Tracklist

Tyler just announced the official tracklist of his upcoming album Goblin on his twitter:
1. "Goblin"  
2. "Yonkers"   4:11
3. "Radicals"  
4. "She" (featuring Frank Ocean)
5. "Transylvania" (produced by Left Brain)
6. "Nightmare"  
7. "Tron Cat"  
8. "Her"  
9. "Sandwitches" (featuring Hodgy Beats) 4:51
10. "Fish"  
11. "Analog" (featuring Hodgy Beats)
12. "BSD" (featuring Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. "Window" (featuring Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G)
14. "AU79"  
15. "Golden"  

Remember Tyler "dissed" B.o.B. in Yonkers:
I'll crash that fuckin' airplane that that faggot nigga B.o.B is in
It seems that B.o.B didn't really like this because he responded with a diss track of his own:

Tyler reacted to this and said he doesn't really think of it as a diss, but he is surprised about B.o.B. rapping.

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