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Friday, April 1, 2011

Goblin preorder now up on Amazon, leaked Earl verse, TangGolf

You can now officially pre-order Tyler's album Goblin on CD and vinyl over at Amazon. Tyler himself was very excited about this and it sure is nice to see that all the years of hard work and putting out free music is now paying off. It's safe to say that he's really made it now and can be proud, because he's done everything himself.

In other news someone leaked a previously unreleased verse from Earl which is apparently from a song called "I'll fuck you up, bitch" featuring Mike G. The source of the leak is unknown, Mike G even twittered that only he and Earl have a copy of the song. Check it out here (beware of the noise at the end of the video):

And last but not least, Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats posted a song on the oddfuture website called TangGolf, which has them rapping over a classic beat from GZA's "4th Chamber" track. It's pretty dope, so check it out here:
limelinx download.


  1. Not too bad of a song. I was thinking it'd be more of a draw with the name "I'll fuck you up, bitch" but I was wrong.

  2. goto check tylers album out

  3. Hopefully goblin won't be an amazing let-down or anything, but i doubt it will be