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Monday, April 4, 2011

Natalia Kills - Perfectionist

Maybe you've heard about the girl above already: Her name is Natalia Kills and she's kind of a mix between Rihanna and Lady Gaga. She recently released an album called "Perfectionist" and it's actually catching on a bit right now, but doesn't seem as popular as expected maybe. Her single "Mirrors" isn't that bad but also nothing surprising: same old pop formula, danceable synth melody and catchy hook. I saw an interview with her today, she seems to have a nice personality but I don't think she will have a lot of success. But it's interesting to see how a Lady Gaga copycat will do in today's pop business.
Check out "Mirrors" below:


  1. The last thing I need is a cross between Rihanna and Lady Gaga. However this is perfectly adequate pop, a lot of pitch correction, though.

  2. Well, here's to hoping she doesn't become famous :D

  3. have to think of this at the start of the song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJE_Sc1Wags

  4. so hot. The song is alright too ;)