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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lil B - I'm Gay leak

The new Lil B album 'I'm Gay' leaked today, but I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. You can buy it now on exclusively on Itunes, which is kind of stupid, but a download is not hard to find either. I won't post it here for obvious reasons.
This is the tracklist:
1. (00:03:59) Lil B - Trapped In Prison
2. (00:02:47) Lil B - Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
3. (00:03:43) Lil B - Game
4. (00:03:54) Lil B - Unchain Me
5. (00:02:36) Lil B - Neva Stop Me
6. (00:02:23) Lil B - Gon Be Okay
7. (00:03:29) Lil B - The Wilderness
8. (00:05:43) Lil B - I Hate Myself
9. (00:03:36) Lil B - Get It While Its Good
10. (00:04:02) Lil B - I Seen That Light
11. (00:04:03) Lil B - My Last Chance
12. (00:03:59) Lil B - 1 Time Remix

And he said he would drop another album later today. I just hope the quality won't go down because of that.

UPDATE: Check out this tweet by Lil B himself for the download link:
Lil B - I'm Gay



  1. I think a leak is when it gets out into the public before the retail date. Lil B has put this album into retail, someone bought it and then put it up on a filesharing site.