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Friday, August 5, 2011

Old Silver Key - Tales Of Wanderings

Now for something a bit different: Old Silver Key is kind of an all-star black metal band composed of the legendary Drudkh members(on the instruments) and Alcest/Amesoeurs main man Neige(vocals). A lot of people were upset by the last Drudkh album, because apparently it has too much of a post rock influence. It seems like they are continuing the sound on this project now and the next Drudkh will be back to the roots kick ass stuff again.
The debut album of Old Silver Key called "Tales Of Wanderings" will be out on Season of Mist on September 16 and has the following tracklist:

1. What Once Was And Will Never Happen Again
2. November Nights Insomnia
3. Cold Spring
4. Nineteen Winters Far Away From Home
5. Star Catcher
6. Burnt Letters
7. About Which An Old House Dreams

There is no leak yet, but my prediction is it will leak around two weeks before the release date. One track is available already though, check out "Burnt Letters" below:
Yeah, it's not much of surprise but it's a very solid track. I really like the music and the vocals are ok too. Maybe they could be better, but they fit to the music so I'm not gonna complain. Neige's vocals are often kind of a hit-and-miss. I'm having great hopes for this though.

Leak Status: Leaked!

Order here: Old Silver Key - Tales Of Wanderings