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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beyonce - 4 news

As I reported earlier Beyonce's new album "4" drops in June. Now some details are available. There will be a song on the album called "Party" which is a collaboration with Andre 3000(from Outkast). I'm curious on how that one will sound. Even Odd Future's singer Frank Ocean worked on one track, which probably should be the most interesting one.
But that's not everything yet, we've got a new song and tracklist to "4" too:
Download: Beyonce - 1+1
01 1+1
02 I Care
03 I Miss You
04 Best Thing I Never Had
05 Party [ft. Andre 3000]
06 Rather Die Young
07 Start Over
08 Love On Top
09 Countdown
10 End of Time
11 I Was Here
12 Run the World (Girls)

What do you think about "1+1"?
The album is also up for preorder on Amazon:


  1. she is hot but can't say that i like her singing

  2. not going to get it, but she does look pretty good

  3. Beyonce has discovered a time machine & returned to the 80's, judging by that hair & bathing suit.

  4. the pic with Beyonce probably old or photoshoped she isn't thin in real life like in this photo

  5. How does that outfit do anything for her

  6. Wow yeah, shes definitely not that thin.

  7. yay i love beyonce!

  8. really interested to hear 3000's input. Dude's cooler than being cool.

  9. Never really liked her that much