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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Classics: The Postal Service - Give Up

The Postal Service doesn't just deliver your packages it's also a collaboration between Ben Gibbard(Death Cab For Cutie fag) and Jim Tamborello(Dntel, repairs fucked up teeth(don't mind my stupid jokes(also don't mind comments inside brackets))).
I'm not really big fan of their individual projects, but this one is really amazing. The music is very electronic but at the same time poppy and really catchy. And the vocals just fit perfectly. Some songs have an epic built and epic lyrics, you'll find yourself getting excited and feeling with the singer. The lyrics are mostly about love but not in that corny way, very well written and even funny at times.
I find myself listening to this a lot, also because of the memorable melodies.
Check out some tracks below:
"We will become silhouettes":
 "Such Great Heights":
Order the album here(it's worth it):


  1. That's not bad, apologies forgot to put you on my blogroll.

  2. Yeah, not bad. And I agree the lyrics have that non-cory love feel to 'em.

  3. Interesting music. Will check them out.

  4. the combination of electronic and real instruments is very nice. good vocals too!

  5. postal service was awesome, better than deathcab in my opinion.

  6. nothing like the old classics hey? Such Great Heights will always be one of my faves

  7. the postal service and death cab are great :D