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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tyler, the Creator's Goblin leak

(check the bottom of this post for updates!)
Just a short one for people searching for a leak (a download) for Tyler, the Creator's Goblin already: The official release date is May 10 right now and I think this won't leak unless Tyler himself does it. I think the best thing right now is to just wait for it and support Tyler by buying it when it's out. There isn't even an official tracklist yet, just a list of confirmed tracks:

  • "Yonkers"
  • "Sandwitches" (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  • "Radical"
  • "Tron Cat"
  • "Her"
  • "Analog"
  • "Bitch Suck Dick"
  • "Fish"
  • "Nightmare"
  • "Transylvania" (produced by Left Brain)
  • "She" (featuring Frank Ocean)
What you can do is sample some of these tracks from live performances, I've compiled a list of youtube videos for you:
Tyler, the Creator - Tron Cat:

Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats - Sandwitches(studio version):

 Tyler, the Creator - Bitch Suck Dick

Tyler, the Creator - Fish

UPDATE 1: new song called "Radicals"

UPDATE 2: new song called "She"  

UPDATE 3: new song called "Tron Cat" (studio version) 

UPDATE 4: Preview the entire album

UPDATE 5: new song called "Analog"

Download: rare Earl Sweatshirt stuff  

Read: Earl Sweatshirt interview

Order Goblin to support Tyler:


  1. dude it leaked yesterday >_> http://www.mediafire.com/?9pmdy4vxb53zc6i

  2. woop woop woop swag swag swag woop :D

  3. 100% real leak! http://www.therecklessrepublic.com/2011/05/finaleak-tyler-creator-goblin.html

  4. @Cactus, I fell for it then lol'd, then enjoy'd the music

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. it did leak yesterday. find it yo selves