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Friday, April 15, 2011

KoRn with Skrillex - Get Up (single)

I used to be a big KoRn fan in the past, especially in my teens. There were my favority band so I listened to them all the time and liked most of their albums. I know that they're pretty unpopular today and are considered lame nu metal and so forth. I grew tired of them too, I had the feeling that they were basically releasing the same album again and again and the new stuff just didn't have that vibe. I guess mainly because my memories are so tied to listening to their old albums.
The band has been active for around 18 years though, which is really long considering that most people think nu metal was just something popular in the 90s and mostly died out after that.
Today I was surprised by a new collaboration that KoRn did with Skrillex, a dubstep musician from LA. The track is called "Get Up" and has quite an original sound to it, a lot of playing around with vocals and electronic sounds mixed with the harder guitar sound of KoRn. The lyrics are nothing surprising from Jonathan Davis but overall I was surprised by the sound of this one. The song has been played on the radio and was premiered by Spin Magazine. It has gotten good reviews so far and will be on a new KoRn EP, that will be released soon. I'm actually looking forward to checking that out.
You can listen to "Get Up" in the video below:


  1. Korn have always been more miss than hit with me but this one is good.

  2. hmm, not quite my style, not bad though

  3. That was nostalgic, but overall awful, they should really just stop.

  4. have not listened to any korn in ages, thanks for posting

  5. i love this song, blew me away !


  6. This song is pretty awesome. Good description^ ;)